Our Company

The founders of our company are working in the carpenter-industry since 1992. Our current company – ACRIL ART – was founded in 2003 with choosing a special scope of the carpenter profession.

Our main profile is to create kitchen and bathroom furniture, counters from homogenic acryl sheets and to product hospital, hotel and shop equipment, among others the counters of their washrooms and other interior decoration furniture, wall-coverings. We offer aesthetic and ergonomically perfect products by using the creativity, experience and professional quality of our staff, which serve the demands of our customers in a long term.

The applied materials to our works are the acryl sheets of Kolpa Kerrock, BTS S.p.A. Betacryl and Du’Pont Corian.

In the years since our firm was founded, ACRIL ART has grown out to a quality brand with considerable references and high-level implementation. We have registered our logo as a trademark because of the always increasing publicity and acknowledgement. The brand name ACRIL ART gained the appreciation for today in the circle of our customers and also competitors.

The main purpose of our company is to familiarize the products we make from acryl basic material with the Hungarian, Austrian and Slovakian customers, resellers. Our target is to amplify the application areas, possibilities, since acryl is a solution which perfectly suits the requirements of the XXI. Century, it is applicable extraordinarily well and durative.

We summarize below why we rely on these statements:


  • It is an acryl-setting, polymerizated, solid material.
  • It can be glued without joint, the fittings are nearly invisible.
  • Perfectly homogeneous, the possibility of the shapes’finish is borderless.
  • It is hygienic, waterproof, insensible to the water vapour, does not corrode, does not swell.


  • It is insensible to the temperature change, humidity change of the air.
  • It is combinable with other materials (for example: wood, metal, ceramic, glass).
  • It is available in more then 100 sort of colours, in different material thickness.


  • By the result of the inworking it is exceptionally durable and simply cleanable.
  • The kitchen sink or bathroom washbowl is without rim insinkable in the counter tight and jointless.
  • The watertight edge fits with 99% punctuality at the meeting of the tiles or the wall and the counter veneer and it is 100% water-fast and continuous in the counter veneer!
  • At the case of damage it is in the mains perfectly mendable with small expenditure.