The firms, where we worked:


Győr Town Court Judgeboard wall-coverings and buffet counters

Budapest Watertown Residence I.-II. washbowl counters

MOL Petrol Stations shopfurnitures

Budapest Townpark Skating-rink ice skates delivering counters, public washbowl counters, bars

Tesco Supermarket Budaörs, Pesti Street, Campona, Pólus, Váci Street, Nagykanizsa, Zalaegerszeg, Veszprém, Siófok, Mosonmagyaróvár, Jászberény, Tatabánya, Győr public washbowl counters

Budapest Leopoldtown RAM Theater public washbowl counters

Pécs Kodály Conference and Concert Center public washbowl counters

Árkád Győr  public washbowl counters


Balassagyarmat Hospital maternity ward baby bath counters

MKB Bank Sub-Offices in Győr, Vác, Zalaegerszeg bank counters

Aida Blu, Aida Sol, Aida Mar, Aida Stella Holiday Ships acryl buffet counters, bar counters

DM pshop-fronts in Austria, Romania, Germany

BIPA Drogerie Shops in Austria acryl counters

Diatron Medical Instruments Co. Budapest furnitures of the plant and the office

Andante Wine-Apothecary kitchen counter and warm-keeping system

Kecskemét Hospital washbowl counters and baby baths

MOM Park Interspar checkout counters

Turul Shopping Centre Tatabánya public washbowl counters

DOKA Ltd. Industrial Park in Győr office building acryl washbowl counters

BKK Transport Company Viena reception Counters

DATACOM Ltd. Győr staff washbowl counters

Quint Copy Ltd. Győr reception and office furnitures

Castle Wolkersdorf reception counter

Unitranscoop Ltd.  Győrújbarát reception counter

Petz Aladár County Hospital gynecology reception furnitures

Árkád Győr baby-mommy room changing and washbowl counters

Honvéd Hospital Budapest nurse counters

Debrecen Forum public washbowl counters

Hildegard Day-Nursery acryl washbowl counters

Siófok Hospital operating and wash up rooms counters and wall-covers

Trófea Grill Restaurant public washbowl furnitures and counters

Szeged ELI Laserresearch Center acryl works

Agárd Baths acryl washbowl counters

Kőszeg Castle reconstruction, acryl counter

WHB Budaörs hall acryl firm-logo